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2048 DIY Cupcakes - Making a Cupcake by Playing 2048

What is 2048 DIY Cupcakes?

The game of 2048 DIY cupcakes illustrates the series of cupcake-making processes.

2048 Cupcakes let you see different kinds of cupcakes while 2048 DIY Cupcakes show the steps to make a cupcake.

DIY Cupcakes Steps

How to Play?

1. Use the keyboard Arrow keys or W, S, A, and D keys or Swipe Up, Down, Left, and Right to move the tiles.

Keyboard arrows

2. Stack up the same tiles and they will be merged into one.

3. You win the game when you can merge the tiles until getting the 2048 cupcake.

4. The game will end also when the spaces are occupied with other tiles and you can't move anymore.

5. Click NEW GAME button to start over again.

New game button

2048 DIY Cupcakes Customization

1. You can choose a different background theme color.

Change background theme

2. You can mute the sound. It plays when you level up to a new tile number as well as when the game is finished.

Mute button

Tips for Getting 2048

Winning the 2048 DIY cupcakes is not easy and also requires a lot of patience and testing. Here are a few helpful hints for you.

1. Play it slowly. You might accidentally do the wrong movement. And it can't undo.

2. Place the highest block in the corner and do not move it. There is a good tutorial online sharing how to win it.

3. Turn on the number to be displayed on each tile to speed up the tile recognition.

Number button

4.\ Click the "Process" button to understand what each tile level looks like.

Process button

2048 Game Variation

1. 2048 Classic - It is the classic version of 2048 Game. Stack up the same number tiles to get final 2048 number.


2. 2048 Cupcakes - Join different cupcake blocks to get the final 2048 cupcake.

2048 Cupcakes

3. DIY Cupcakes - Stack up the cupcake blocks to make a final delicious cupcake.

DIY Cupcakes

4. 2048 Dogs Station - Explore all the 11 kinds of doge list prepared and stack up the different dog tiles to get the final 2048 doge.

2048 Dogs

5. More to come...

Do you need self-customized 2048 tiles or other types of tiles? Please feel free to let us know, we love to hear that.

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Once finished your game, you may copy the text or click the share button to share your achievement with others. Let's challenge your friend.

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